Lewis Bloor slates ex Marnie Simpson after she brands him a THIEF

The one-time couple still seem to be having drama!

Goodness, we really can’t keep up with all these reality star couples.

One minute they’re love’s young dream, the next they’re fighting like cat and dog.

No, folks, this isn’t ANOTHER story about Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell.

This time we’re talking about CBB’s other golden couple Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson, who – we must point out – are currently NOT dating but still go on holiday and hang out.

Over the weekend, it was reported that the pair had had a very public barney in the Waldorf Astoria in Dubai after Marnie accused him of stealing her credit card.

An eyewitness at the hotel told The Sun Online: “We were sat on the balcony and we saw red wine all over the floor, we were sat very close to them.

“Lewis was sat with his shirt off in just his shorts which obviously, in a country like this, isn’t what you’re meant to be doing.

“Marnie came out screaming at him, accusing him of stealing her card and proceeded to slap him.”

Now Lewis has spoken out about what really happened. And he doesn’t hold back!

Taking to Instagram to clarify the situation, Lewis has branded his on-off girlfriend “immature” after she drenched him in wine.

In three now-deleted Instagram videos, the reality star said: “Right so Marnie Simpson has accused me while she was drunk out of her head, while we’ve decided to be friends on our trip to Dubai that I’ve stolen her bank card.

“What happened was me and Marnie had an argument earlier on and I left the room and I had a drink with our friends who’ve we’ve just met, these guys, and I was with them all night.

“She came downstairs and threw a glass of red wine all over me and claimed that I had stolen her bank card.”

It would later emerge that the credit card was actually in the couple’s hotel room. Ouch!

In his video posts, Lewis went on to explain that he felt he needed to defend himself against his ex’s accusations.

“I live in a world where the person who has the most followers has the most say; for nine months because Marnie has 2.5 million followers and I have a lot less, I have to deal with her truth.

“It’s been tough for me. Me and Marnie decided to be friends, we had an argument tonight and she accused me of stealing her bank card.

“I believe Marnie can be a very nice girl, but I believe she can also be a immature and I just wanted my truth to be heard.”

“I just want everybody to understand that I have not stolen her card, it’s absolutely ridiculous and I’m sure she’ll feel very sorry when she sees these videos.

“I apologise for being so dramatic it’s not my style, goodnight, God bless.”

Meanwhile in an Instagram post written before the argument, Marnie said she had had a great time on her hols with her ex and explained they had gone away to rebuild their friendship!

“What a lovely holiday I’ve had. Dubai has been amazing and exactly what I needed – a long break after everything this year.

“Just to set the record straight this was a holiday for me and Lewis to get away from all the stress and salvage some sort of a friendship. A friendship we lost along the way.

“We’re not back together and that’s not what this holiday was about. It was to talk and get to a good place again as we both have big places for each other in our hearts.

“And despite the hard times and damage we still have a bond like no other and always have a great time in each other’s company even if it’s just as mates, and that won’t change regardless of our situation.

“Just because we’re not a couple doesn’t mean we don’t love other as I think we always will deep down.”

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