Kym Marsh reveals how she’s paid tribute to Manchester victims

The Corrie star wanted to make her mark and got her family involved too

We’re all still trying to come to terms with the recent wave of terror attacks in Manchester and London, and stars of Corrie are paying tribute to those who were killed in their own special way.

Kym Marsh has decided to do something permanent to mark the tragedy.

She’s added a new tattoo and other members of her family have done so too.

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The 40-year-old actress decided to get the symbol of a bee inked onto her ribs as a way of remembering what happened last month.

On 22 May, a terror attack at an Ariana Grande pop concert killed 22 people and injured many more. Children were among those lives that were lost.

Kym chose a worker bee for her tatt – its a symbol of hope after the attacks (Credit: Twitter)

The image of a worker bee quickly became the symbol of hope after the attacks.

The worker bee has been used in Manchester for generations because it is such a hard-working city and the factories there were called hives of industry.

Her mother, Pauline, and singer daughter Emilie joined her in getting the tattoo.

Kym says her daughter Emilie and mum have also had the tattoos done (Credit: Twitter)

Writing in her OK! column, Kym said: “I’ve had a worker bee tattoo in tribute to those who died in the Manchester bombing – I wanted to honour those who lost their lives.”

“I’ve had it done on my ribs as I couldn’t have it anywhere visible because of work,” she continued.

“My mum and [daughter] Emilie both came along with me and also both got the same tattoo done.

“Mum got hers done on the inside of her wrist and Emilie got hers on the back of her neck,” she explained.

One of the innocent people killed in the attack was Martyn Hett, a major Corrie fan who had a Deirdre Barlow tattoo on his leg.

The Manchester victims will be honoured on a bench on the Corrie set (Credit: Twitter)

Show bosses say they’re going to add a memorial bench to the set as a way of marking what happened on the programme.

Kym was particularly proud of her mum for getting the body art.

Kym is proud of her mum, who is 70, joining in and having a tattoo. (Credit: Twitter)

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“I think my mum’s dead cool – she’s 70 and she’s coming along and getting matching tattoos with her daughter and granddaughter!” she gushed.

“We all wanted to symbolise and remember the victims from that horrific night,” she said.

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