Kerry Katona’s 15-year-old daughter is moving out of her mum’s

The Atomic Kitten is waving goodbye....

After years of arguing, Brian McFadden and Kerry Katona have settled into rather pleasant lives with their new new partners.

While Brian is living up north with a new squeeze by the name of Danielle Parkinson, Kez is settled down with George in East Sussex.

But while they are all settled in romantic bliss, it looks like one of their kids is ready to leave home and move away for a bit.

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According to Brian, eldest daughter Molly, 15, is all set to move into his parents in Ireland later this year so that she can study for exams without any showbizzy distractions.

“My oldest is going to school in Dublin in September, so she’s probably going to live with my mum and dad,” Brian told OK!

“I think it’ll be easier for Molly to concentrate on her exams there. It’s going to make things harder now for us all to be together, but you have to make sacrifices.”

Kerry has previously said that she couldn’t live without her daughter Molly who has her head screwed on nice and tightly.

Molly revealed on Loose Women last year that she likes to help make breakfast for her younger siblings and has been a great support to her mum, especially when she was going through some of her tough times.

But Molly hasn’t had it easy with her parents.

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Dad Brian said last year that he wasn’t ready for his girls to start dating just yet.

“My girls are great, they’re getting so old,” he said. “We were just looking at photos of Molly coming out of the hospital, and it’s just like, ‘how did that happen so fast?'”

When asked about the prospect of his girls dating, he joshed: “It’s not going to happen. They’re going to be asexual for the rest of their lives. Just them on their own, forever.”

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