Ken Barlow attack: Corrie adds another suspect to the line up

The list is getting longer

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Coronation Street has finally started listening to its viewers and added another suspect into the frame for the Ken Barlow attack.

Amy Barlow has now been named as one of the potential would-be-killers after fans were convinced she did it.

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Ken was pushed down the stairs after being knocked out by a mystery assailant.

He’d spent the week annoying his entire family – son Peter was furious after his dad believed stalker Chloe’s lies. Ken went straight to Toyah and told her what Chloe was claiming and Toyah drove off with her ex-husband.

Other son, Daniel Osbourne, was devastated after finding out girlfriend Sinead had aborted their baby after Ken ranted at her about how she was making Daniel waste his life.

And stepdaughter, Tracy Barlow, was angry with Ken after he refused to invest in her florist shop and felt he treats his biological kids better than he does her.

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Grandson Adam Barlow had had to disappear after Ken burnt his drug’s money then chucked him out.

And finally, Pat Phelan didn’t take kindly to Ken’s harsh words about his substandard kitchen refit.

Phelan has been ruled out of being to blame as he has a rock solid alibi, so that just leaves the rest.

But fans have been convinced from day one that Amy Barlow is a chip off the old block and, much like her killer mother, Tracy, was the one to push her grandad.

Does Corrie’s confirmation she’s been added to the line up mean she is the one who did it? Fans are certainly convinced:

We know Amy is going to pin the attempted murder on Adam after he starts suspecting Tracy. She doesn’t like his questions about her mum and decides to get Adam in trouble with the police.

She calls them and tells them to check for fingerprints on the new worktops in Ken’s kitchen and when they do, they find Adam’s – and promptly arrest him.

But when she tells Tracy what she’s done, Trace starts to worry her daughter is trying to cover her own tracks – exactly what we were thinking!

Is the youngster really capable of it? Well, they do say, like mother like daughter.

Has she been taking tips from Tracy? Could she really have done this?

Don’t forget, EastEnders had Bobby Beale kill his sister Lucy, so Amy taking on a frail old man really isn’t that much of a leap for Soapland.