Kelvin Fletcher teases Emmerdale return!

Could he be back in time for brother Robert's wedding?

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Emmerdale favourite Andy Sugden might just be returning to the soap less than a year after his exit.

Actor Kelvin Fletcher has teased a comeback for his character and fans have gone wild.

We last saw Andy fleeing the village, helped by brother Robert Sugden, after being wrongly accused of shooting Lawrence White.

In fact, Andy’s girlfriend, Chrissie, had set him up in revenge for having an affair with his former flame Bernice.

It was actually Chrissie’s son, Lachlan, who shot Lawrence, and we’ve since seen the lad come clean and stand trial for the crime.

Although Lachlan actually got off, he’s still inside, awaiting sentencing for perverting the course of justice.

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So now Lachlan’s owned up, Andy’s free to return at his will.

And it looks like that comeback could be sooner than we thought after Kelvin tweeted producer Iain MacLeod asking for his job back!

During Iain’s #AskIain Q&A, Kelvin sent a Tweet to his former boss saying:

“Can I have my job back?”

Say yes, Iain, say yes!

Fans were quick to leap on the message and beg the producer to bring Andy back for Aaron and Robert’s upcoming wedding.

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Replying to the tweet in their droves, viewers begged Kelvin to return.

“Please come back! Andy needs to be in attendance at Robron’s wedding!” Elizabeth told him.

Another, Rachel, was desperate for the favourite to return – “Please please please say you’re back for #Robron’s wedding! #Emmerdale isn’t the same without Andy!”

“Bring back Andy Sugden”, agreed Pen 2 Paper.

And Zoe made her feelings very clear: “WE WANT ANDY BACK FOR ROBRONS WEDDING!!!!!”

Right then, the fans have spoken, over to you Emmerdale to make it happen.

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