Katie Price makes heartbreaking revelation about son Harvey

The mum said the NHS could have spotted his brain damage sooner

Katie Price has spoken out about when her son Harvey was born.

The 38-year-old claimed that doctors admitted that they should have picked up on his limited pituitary gland during an MRI scan, during an interview with Loose Women on Wednesday.

She went on to say that it was a hospital blunder that meant he had partial brain damage.

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Her son, aged 14, suffers from a number of health problems, including septo-optic dysplasia, which affects his growth and means he is partially-sighted.

Talking to her panellists on the show she said: “You can’t sue the hospital because you need them, the NHS, for the rest of his life, so we just deal with it as it is.”

The mum-of-five also talked about the heartbreaking moment that she was told he was blind during a consultation with a doctor after she noticed he wasn’t responding that well.

“The doctor just said, ‘He’s blind’. My mum and I were so shocked. We left the room and I wondered if someone was going to advise us but we were left in the dark.”

Pricey went on to say that amazingly, she never broke down or cried at this discovery. She just ended up becoming more protective of Harvey than she is with her other kids.

She continued: “But what’s important wasn’t the doctors, it was the mums, we found these places with kids are are similar and Harvey used to drink lots of water and one of the mums said: ‘I bet he’s got what my son has got, diabetes insipidus, don’t worry about your local doctor because they’re not specialised, get referred to Great Ormond Street and see this specific doctor”.

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“And we did and from there it’s been good, he’s on the right medicines…”

She said: “Everyone thinks he is my favourite and he’s not, I’m just protective over him. I wouldn’t let anyone else hold him. We’ve been on such a journey.”

Host Ruth Langsford praised her and said: “You are great with him, you are”.

Katie also said that she wouldn’t mind having another child with a disability.

You’ve got to love her!

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