Jeremy Kyle viewers swoon over handsome bodybuilder guest and wonder “how the hell” his ex pulled him

Viewers were baffled "he slept with that!"

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It’s not very often that we see attractive people on The Jeremy Kyle show, as it has become notorious for inviting (how can we put this nicely) people of a certain type.

So when a beefcake of a guest was on yesterday’s show, it sent viewers eyes and hearts alight. Anthony, the good-looking guest, was easy on the eyes and had a certain chiselled look which the ladies loved.

Anthony appeared on stage with his mum (Credit: ITV)

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If that weren’t enough, the fact that it was revealed he is a bodybuilder, with bulging muscles and manly tattoos, was enough to make women everywhere fall in love.

One smitten viewer tweeted: “He can be my daddy any day” and referring to the woman he had slept with one viewer wrote: “Christ alive she was punching. He seems like a decent man also. The mother, well.”

Anthony was on the show to find out if 20-year-old Kieran was his biological son, as there were apparently three potential fathers. And Kieran’s mother was unfortunately not so blessed in the looks department, as viewers couldn’t believe Anthony had slept with her.

People took to Twitter with some harsh comments, with one saying: “He slept with that !!! …[expletive] that must of been a heavy night,” and another said: “How the hell did she pull him.”

The hunk slept with Tina when he was 20 (Credit: ITV)

Apparently Anthony had only slept with Kieran’s mum Tina when he was 20 (which would make him 40 years old!), and it was clear Tina wasn’t happy about being on the show because she refused to come on stage and stayed in the wings.

Kieran was on stage and came across as a lovely young man who deserved to know who is dad was. Tina said “Kieran didn’t want to know” who his dad was until now, which is why they have waited so long to do a DNA test.

Anthony already has three children, but he was welling up at the fact that Kieran could be his son as it was clear he really cared for the lad.

Tests revealed Anthony was Kieran’s dad (Credit: ITV)

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Aaw! So it was a happy ending when the DNA test results showed that he was in fact Kieran’s biological father, and both parties cried happy tears.

Also on yesterday’s show security were forced to step in when an angry guest tried to storm the stage after Jezza called him a “little boy and a “wife beater”.

Drama drama drama.

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