Jeremy Kyle, Lorraine and Loose Women cancelled after emergency news broadcast

All three have been pulled after ongoing coverage of the fire at Grenfell Tower

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ITV cancelled today’s airing of Jeremy Kyle, Lorraine, and Loose Women after the devastating fire in London.

Bosses behind all three shows decided to take them off air so as to cover the tower block fire as the day progresses.

Grenfell Tower has dominated the news today after the fire started in the West London block during the night.

Good Morning Britain extended their show to cover the fire in West London (Credit: Wenn)

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Several deaths have been confirmed, and 50 people are currently being treated in hospital.

Lorraine was cancelled after Good Morning Britain extended their show by two hours meaning The Jeremy Kyle show was also dropped.

Lorraine’s Twitter account said: “Terrible news coming out of West London this morning. Our thoughts are with all those affected” alongside a retweet of Good Morning Britain’s coverage.

They later said they were “off air today due [to] the dreadful fire in West London” and urged people to follow Good Morning Britain’s updates and extended coverage.

Loose Women also shared a tweet to say that they would not be on air today.

“Our thoughts are with those affected by this horrific incident”, they added.

GMB presenters Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan told viewers that they were just six miles away from the fire and could see it from their window.

As well as extensive coverage and interviews with eyewitnesses, Piers has been keeping his 5.86m Twitter followers updated.

One of his followers asked whether an elderly man, who was shown during the broadcast, was still trapped, and Piers said they had no update.

The 52-year-old presenter then shared: “Grim day, grim few weeks. Thank you to our brilliant emergency services. I’m in awe of their courage at times like this. #Grenfell”.

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