Jeremy Clarkson’s The Grand Tour sparks race row

He's back at it again...

Jeremy Clarkson and his new show The Grand Tour has already come under fire after only one episode.

The TV host compared himself and his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May to GYPSIES.

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Why Jez?!

As the show is on Amazon, the host obviously feels like he can say whatever he wants, as he’s not being told off by the BBC anymore!

He said: “This is our new travelling studio tent. We’re going to be roaming the world in.”

“We’re going to be like gypsies – only the cars we drive are going to be insured.”

Richard Hammond looked a bit worried as he said: “Stop saying things that are going to get us fired.”

Since the show, the Traveller Movement has lodged a complaint with Ofcom, according to the Daily Mail.


There’s also been a lot of comment in the Travellers’ Times magazine and the Chorley Romany Facebook group.

One person said: “I notice that almost the first thing they did was make racist jokes about Gypsies not having their vans insured…

“They’d been in trouble for just this kind of behaviour on the BBC, but now they’re on Amazon they obviously think that they can get away with it.”

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Another post said: “The prat thinks he is untouchable. He is just an all round unpleasant, spoilt by his mommy individual.”


Remember last March when Clarkson was cleared over his use of the word ‘pikey’ on Top Gear by the BBC Trust?

And that time when he put up a placard with the words Pikey’s Peak on the show in 2014?

He just doesn’t learn…