Jamie O’Hara declares Bianca Gascoigne ‘wifey material’ after kiss

He's gone from one to another!

Jamie O’Hara has made her feelings for Bianca Gascoigne very clear…

Do we have a little romance on our hands?

The footie star told the very gorgeous Bianca that he “really likes her”.

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Aw, it’s like being back at school!

The stunning daughter of Gazza has claimed however, that he told her he wouldn’t make a move on her until he is out of the house because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship.

She also has a few reservations about getting with Jamie.

The girls were trying to encourage her to give in for her feelings for him, but Bianca pointed out the Jamie had initally fancied Jasmine Waltz and only actually showed her some attention when she started flirting with Calum.

The girl has a point!

But it didn’t put her off, clearly. Bianca was seen inviting Jamie into the toilet with her…

It is obvious that they were having a smooch due to the noises (ew), but then Stacy pokes her head into the loo and interrupts them.

Jamie is then seen leaving, shortly followed by Bianca when Stacy asks her: “Was it good?”

Bianca coyly replies: “What are you talking about?”

Bianca is later seen chatting to Nicola McLean saying: “I think [Jamie is] wicked. It’s just embarrassing, but nothing can happen in this house.”

BUT then Jamie confided in Nicola about his feelings for Bianca and labelled her as “wifey material”.

That’s a pretty big statement.

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Meanwhile, Jamie’s ex Danielle Lloyd has hit out at the father-of-three for his appearance so far on Celebrity Big Brother.

The former WAG gave an emotional interview on ITV’s This Morning and told hosts Phllip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she had been suffering from “anxiety attacks”.

Jamie’s revelations about her on the show were a bit too much for her to handle.

The 33-year-old has also had a lot of abuse on social media as she is being branded a gold-digger who ruined Jamie’s footballing career.

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