Is Kush Kazemi going to be blamed for EastEnders prom horror?

He supplied the dress that Louise was wearing

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Last night’s outing to EastEnders ended in a devastating night for Louise Mitchell at her school prom.

The school bullies finally took their terrifying revenge and Louise was their target.

After they pushed her into a table full of candles, the school fire alarms went off, the sprinklers sprayed all the prom goers and the hall was evacuated.

Louise fell backwards onto a table full of candles (Credit: BBC)

But as the students rushed to safety, Bex Fowler looked back and there was a reflection of flames in her eyes – was it Louise on fire?

As the drama unfolded, fans became convinced that it wouldn’t just be Alexandra and Madison who would be punished for what they’ve done to Lou, but Kush Kazemi as well.

Hang on, how does that work?

Well, earlier in the episode disaster struck when Louise saw a photo online of a fellow classmate in her prom dress, and, shock horror, it was the same one Louise was planning to wear.

With Sharon refusing to give her any money for a replacement, Louise was stuck, until best mate Bex Fowler dragged her to Kush’s stall where Louise fell in love with a long peach number.

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Kush did a good deed, but will it come back to haunt him? (Credit: BBC)

As she went to try it on, Kush was bamboozled into swapping Louise’s expensive dress for the one on his stall rather than the girls actually paying him. Good negotiating skills, Bex!

But his good deed might come back to haunt him if it’s discovered the dress he provided didn’t meet fire safety standards.

There was quite a lot of drama around the dress, Sharon even commented that she wouldn’t have paid anything for it. Why bother with such a lot of storylining around the garment if it wasn’t going to play a significant part?

Fans are convinced Kush is going to get in big trouble for this.

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If it’s true, the story reflects a similar real-life incident where Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman’s little girl Matilda was left with severe burns on her leg after her Halloween costume caught fire.

We hope Kush doesn’t find himself in trouble for doing a good deed, but equally, if he’s selling sub-standard and unsafe clothing, he should definitely not be let off the hook…