Is Emmerdale’s Jai being CONNED?

Fans seem to think so

Viewers are warning Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma to watch out for new girl Nell.

Jai seemed drawn to the fellow addict when he met her at his latest NA meeting, but is she all that she seems?

The first thing everyone – including Jai himself – noticed was that she bares more than a passing resemblance to his late ex, Holly Barton.

And as if looking like her wasn’t enough, as she told her sad story to the group, it turned out her history was also very similar.

“I’ve been using on and off since my early teens, put my mum through hell,” Nell told everyone.

“She had it the worst,” she continued. “She packed in her job to look after me so I moved away. When she tried to keep me off the gear I lashed out.

“I even had her out there scoring for me, can you believe that? She’d be in tears.

“She stopped sleeping. She said she kept having the same dream that one day she’d come into my room. She’d be shaking me but I wouldn’t wake up.”

Wow, that’s almost word for word Holly’s story. That seems very strange indeed. Especially seeing as Jai and Moira had just done an interview with the local newspaper about Holly.

Fans on twitter are convinced Nell (if that’s even her name) has read the story and is using it to get at Jai in some way.

It seems he’s been taken in by her so far. Leaving the meeting because it was all too much for him, he later came back inside to discover she’d made off with his wallet.

He’s set to track her down, but is that exactly what she wants?

Is she trying to get to Jai for some reason? But why would she do it?

Could she be after cash? Or has she been planted by someone out for revenge on Jai? He’s got his fair share of enemies, but he is trying to redeem himself lately.

Will his guilt over Holly and desire to help someone just like her push him to get too involved with Nell?