Is Corrie’s Liz set for a shock Rovers return?

But Toyah and Peter have only just taken over!

It’s fair to say things aren’t going brilliantly for Corrie’s Liz McDonald at her new job at the medical centre.

She’s clashed with her new boss, Moira, on more than one occasion and we wouldn’t blame her for missing life behind the bar of the Rovers.

Moira isn’t a big fan of Liz (Credit: ITV)

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But last week saw her sign her beloved pub over to new owners Peter Barlow and Toyah Battersby so she’s stuck with her new life.

With bossy Moira making her life a total misery at the medical centre, Liz is pleased to see a friendly face when Eileen Grimshaw pops in to the doctors and Liz confides in her how difficult she’s finding it working with Moira.

Liz is later having a gossip with one of the doctors and is caught by Moira, who reprimands her for talking instead of working.

Liz is told off yet again (Credit: ITV)

Thinking if she makes friends with Moira it’ll make things easier all round Liz extends an olive branch in the shape of some sage words of advice – which of course, Moira doesn’t take kindly too!

Tact has never been Liz’s strong point, so we’re guessing the advice, although well-meaning, isn’t exactly wanted and Moira tells her to mind her own business and concentrate on answering the phone.

Feeling guilty that the whole thing is his fault as his divorce from Michelle has forced them to part with the pub, Liz’s son Steve decides to do something about it.

He pays new landlord Peter a visit and begs him to give Liz some shifts behind the bar so she can get back to where she belongs.

Will Liz want to go back? (Credit: ITV)

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Hmm, landlady to barmaid – not quite sure that’s what Liz would have had in mind, Steve…

Although Peter reluctantly agrees to Steve’s request, when Liz gets wind that Steve was involved in the offer of some shifts, she’s too proud to accept.

Insisting she’s persevering at the medical centre, just how long can Liz stick it out?

Will things get any easier with Moira – or will they just get even worse?

Might Liz end up begging for a return to the Rovers and doing what she loves best?