Is Bianca Gascoigne trying to win back ex Calum Best?

The pair have been reunited in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Bianca Gascoigne was reunited with her former flame Calum Best when they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The celebs, who are both children of famous footballers, first met on Celebrity Love Island in 2006.

They hit it off from day one and went on to win the ITV2 show together.

The step-daughter of Paul Gascoigne even described Calum as her “dream man”.

The couple were unable to make their romance work outside of the reality show

A clip shows the first date the pair ever went on, with the perfect location of the Love Shack.

Speaking directly to the camera, Bianca said: “When I first saw him he gave me a kiss on the cheek and said ‘thank f*** it’s you’ which was a lovely compliment and very much appreciated.

“Now that I’ve met Calum he’s totally, totally up to my expectations of him.

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“He’s a lovely bloke, he’s very charming, he’s a gentleman. I can’t help but feel that being here with my dream man in here is perfect.”

Aww! How adorable!

Despite having their own Lady and the Tramp moment, the pair failed to continue their relationship in the outside world.

Will the pair rekindle their romance?

Before entering the house, Bianca told The Daily Star: “Calum Best has been my heartthrob for a long time and he is extremely sexy.”

Calum – unaware he would be seeing his ex again – admitted he would be open to a house romance.

He told The Sun: “If I found the right girl, without a doubt.

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The pair put on tactile displays of affection during their time together in Fiji

“When you’re in a confined space for a long time and you meet someone, a connection can grow even quicker but I will not be banging in the toilets.”

We should hope not, seeing as his mum will probably be next door!

Calum was in for a huge shock when his mum made her way down the stairs.

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