Is a main character set to die in the Line Of Duty finale?

Star has hinted it's a distinct possibility

The finale of Line Of Duty is set to air this Sunday and while its stars are keeping tight-lipped about what happens, there’s rumours flying around that one of the main cast is going to be killed off.

Throughout the previous four series, Line Of Duty has never failed to shock, with major characters being offed without even the blink of an eye.

But so far the three leads – Superintendent Ted Hastings, DS Steve Arnott, and DS Kate Fleming – have made it safely through all past series. But is that set to change this weekend?

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So far this series, it’s Steve’s life that has been in the most danger as he was knocked out and thrown down two flights of stairs. He’s back at work, but in a wheelchair and he doesn’t know if he’ll make a full recovery and ever be able to walk again.

This run has focused on the hunt for balaclava man and the truth behind supposed DI Roz Huntley’s framing of Michael Farmer for the crimes. She also apparently murdered someone herself – Tim Ifield, although we never actually saw her physically do it.

With so many questions to still be answered as the series reaches its conclusion, we now know there’s going to a massive shoot-out – will one of our faves die?

Speaking to Radio Times Martin Compston, who plays Steve, thinks it’s a real possibility.

“With Line of Duty, you never know. It will be heartbreaking when it happens, but one of us is likely to go at some point. We’ll be bereft when it happens.”

Vicky McClure, who plays Kate, is also being very coy about exactly who makes it through to the end of the last episode.

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On The Graham Norton Show last week she talked about the possibility of a fifth series, saying:

“You can only be undercover so often, so if I am in series five there will have to be some changes.

“You’re always waiting for the writer to kill you off,” she added.

Mysterious. Sounds like they might know something we don’t.

Vicky insisted she was in the final episode, but will that be her last?

Something big always happens in the finale of Line Of Duty – could we be seeing a whole new cast line up next time round?

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