Hollyoaks Ste Hay CONFESSES to killing Amy

But did he really do it?

Hollyoaks Ste Hay has sensationally admitted to killing the mother of his children Amy Barnes.

He made the confession under intense questioning from DS Armstrong in last night’s E4 episode, but did he really do it?

Amy was murdered earlier this week on her wedding night. She had been planning to move with her new husband, Ryan Knight, and her kids with Ste, to America.

Ste was devastated at the news he could be losing his family, so he managed to get an emergency court hearing to keep them in the country.

But when the judge ruled Amy could take his kids abroad, he went spiralling out of control and suffered another one of his blackouts.

He’s spent the rest of the week trying to piece together everything that happened that night because when Amy was found dead in her flat by Ryan, Ste immediately became the prime suspect.

Ryan wouldn’t even listen to reason that anyone else could have done it, but Ste was adamant he wouldn’t hurt Amy, and Harry gave him a false alibi saying they were together all night.

However, Leah then admitted she’d overheard her mummy and daddy having a big row, and Ste was hauled in for questioning, while Harry was charged with perverting the course of justice.

As DS Armstrong questioned Ste, he kept insisting he hadn’t done it and when he left Amy she was alive. He revealed he’d gone to the woods to call his dealer.

But Armstrong kept pushing, and as Ste’s fragmented memories began to return, he had muddled flashbacks to going back to Amy’s flat and arguing with her again.

And then he remembered pushing her, and her tripping over the couch and hitting her head. He had a vision of seeing her lifeless and confessed:

“I did it. I killed Amy.”

What?! How could he?

Well, fans don’t believe their fave character would really be capable of murder and took to Twitter to express what they thought really happened.

Tasha Dee, Cami and G, all agree they think Ste was taking the blame for his daughter Leah.

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And Mags Walker, Robbie Lee. Cook, and  Nina think DS Armstrong was planting false memories in Ste’s head with his aggressive line of questioning.

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This is Hollyoaks, so there’s bound to be twists and turns, right?

Although, actor Kieron Richardson did slip up on Wednesday’s This Morning when he almost confessed to filming scenes which revealed him as the killer.

But was that also a red herring? Do Hollyoaks have us completely fooled?

Amy Barnes is proving far more interesting since she died than she ever was alive, but we wonder how long it’ll be before the police really solve this crime.