Hollyoaks SPOILER: well-loved character tries to take his own life

Recent events lead to dark times for one Hollyoaks character

There’s a heartbreaking time coming up for Scott Drinkwell in Hollyoaks as events lead him to make an attempt on his own life.

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The soap bosses have been working closely with the Samaritans and Mind to make sure the scenes are portrayed sensitively.

Scott’s had a tough time of it lately, discovering he’s adopted and then being rejected by his biological mother.

He’s also struggled to find a place for himself in the village. Things start looking up for Scott when newcomer, Kyle, asks him out on a date.

Scott is delighted to have attracted the newbie’s attention, but it soon becomes apparent that Kyle has an agenda for asking him out.

Viewers know that Kyle has been secretly having an affair with bisexual policeman, Ryan Knight, and the pair think Scott overheard a revealing conversation in the pub toilets.

Kyle wants to know how much Scott heard and when it becomes obvious that Scott didn’t hear a thing, Kyle cruelly rejects him.

He’s also left stung by Harry, when he tries to get him to record a message for the future. Poor Scott is only trying to inject some positivity into people’s lives.

Later that day, Tony and Harry find Scott in a bad way and call an ambulance. Mercedes then spots him being stretchered out of the apartment.

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While everyone waits on news on Scott, Mercedes and Diane go through his things – it soon becomes apparent he’s tried to take his own life.

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