Hollyoaks SPOILER: Stalker to target long-time village resident

Someone's in danger

Hollyoaks is set to get a village stalker and they have one target in particular – Cindy Savage.

Cindy’s never far from the thick of the action, but she’s been a bit quiet of late, her most recent storyline saw her being a supportive mother to daughter Holly after she was raped by her boyfriend Nick Savage.

This storyline is set to propel Cindy back to the forefront of the show.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Stephanie Waring, who plays the sneaky Savage revealed: “Cindy gets a stalker, and he becomes a lodger in her house.”

She went on to say it wouldn’t “end well” for the stalker or for Cindy.

We wonder who it could be? Current resident stalker, DS Armstrong, has his attentions well and truly focused on Leela Lomax at the moment, but could he switch them to Cindy?

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Armstrong was sent away from the village by DS Ryan Knight when he discovered what he’d been up to with Leela. But he’s set to make a return next week – and it soon becomes clear he hasn’t changed his ways at all.

It turns out he’s still got his secret webcam set up and has been watching Leela’s every move, growing more and more obsessed with her.

She’s contemplating a reunion with Zack Loveday, despite Zack’s dad, Louis, warning her off because he and Leela share a secret child together (talk about keeping it in the family!).

But as soon as Armstrong realises the pair are looking to get back together, he decides to take action to make sure that never happens.

Sneaking up behind Zack, he sends him flying down the stairs outside Leela’s flat.

It’s not just a small tumble either, Zack goes all the way down and ends up lying unconscious at the bottom.

As Armstrong stands over him, the corrupt cop then turns out to be the person leading the investigation into who pushed Zack. What are the chances?!

Leela seems to be getting closer to the truth when she notices a missing photograph and is left uneasy by a comment Armstrong makes. Is he slipping up? Is she about to find out he’s stalking her?

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It might be the perfect time to turn his attentions to somebody else to throw the heat off him in the Leela situation. Could Cindy be that person?

Or is it someone else altogether who ends up stalking Cindy? Someone we’ve not met yet? A village newcomer who becomes obsessed with her?

Could the stalker be right under her very nose already?

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