Hollyoaks hunk set to depart the show

He's off for real this time

Hollyoaks have announced Charlie Clapham – aka Freddie Roscoe – is set to leave the soap after playing the role since 2013.

The show dropped the news during the closing credits of last night’s show putting “Goodbye” in front of his name.

They’ve been teasing all weeks that we were going to get several hints and clues of what’s coming up in their “Easter egg” hunt and this was a real blink and you’ll miss it moment!

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The message was slipped in without any sort of announcement and only eagle-eyed viewers spotted it.

It has since been confirmed that the message did mean what many feared it did: Freddie Roscoe is leaving.

No further details have been announced as to how and when he will go, but given his history, it’s set to be dramatic.

He’s the only Roscoe brother remaining in the village out of the original five. Joe and Ziggy are both dead and twins Jason and Robbie live with their mother in South Africa. But which exit route will Freddie go down?

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It’s not the first time fans feared Fred was departing, he was famously a victim of Gloved Hand Killer Lindsey Roscoe – who also happened to be his wife!

She thought she’d killed him, but in fact the police had put him in witness protection so he could testify against the killer once they were eventually caught.

Last night’s E4 first look episode saw Freddie reunited with his daughter Lexi, who he had initially rejected and sent to live with his mother, Sandy.

But it turns out Sandy can’t cope with her and little JJ, Joe’s boy, so has sent Lexi back to her dad. Fans were stunned to see Fred’s aunt Christine drop the little girl off as she was played by Kim Taylforth, real-life sister of actress Gillian, (EastEnders’ Kathy Beale) who played the Roscoe mum.

Freddie’s other big storyline is his girlfriend Ellie Nightingale’s ongoing rape case against Nick Savage. Whether either storyline will play a part in his exit, remains to be seen.

But either way, fans are very upset that he’s leaving and went straight on Twitter to express their feelings.

He’ll be missed, that’s for sure.