Hollyoaks: Cancer-stricken Sienna to sacrifice her life for her unborn twins

She won't give up on her babies

Earlier this week, we reported how pregnant Sienna Blake would discover she has cervical cancer in Hollyoaks.

And in scenes that aired Friday evening, she received her life-changing diagnosis.

During the E4 ‘first look’ episode, the popular albeit sometime psychotic character was told by a doctor she’d survive if she got her and Warren Fox’s twins terminated and had a hysterectomy.

The doctor then explained: “There’s a new procedure but it’s not without risk.

“You may have a miscarriage or premature delivery of the babies.

“It’s crucial we treat.”

She replied: “So what you’re saying is I have to choose between my life and my babies.”

Sienna agonised over the news, but told Warren she would not undergo the operation and would risk her own life to protect her babies.

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This storyline is all the more tragic as it appeared Sienna was finally going to get some happiness after much misery.

Her daughter, Nico, went on a murderous rampage and died in the fairground fire last October, and her father, Patrick Blake, died at Nico’s hands following his motor neurone disease diagnosis.

She thought she had found a solid home with Warren, even after trying to kill his son in revenge for Warren not saving Nico in the fire (Hollyoaks is SO complicated at times!).

Meanwhile, to further complicate things, Warren has been plotting to take the kids away from her once she gives birth as well as having an affair with her nemesis Grace Black.

The soap’s bosses have reportedly been working closely with Macmillan Cancer to portray the storyline accurately.

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The Daily Star Sunday reports: “Sienna’s cancer storyline is going to be one of the biggest of the year.

“When she finds out she has the life-threatening disease, her first thoughts are for her unborn babies.

“It’s a cruel twist considering everything she’s been through.

“Anna has spoken to a cancer survivor and the writers have been working closely with Macmillan to make sure they get the storyline right.

“It’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for Sienna as she comes to terms with her diagnosis.”