Big news about the future of Rosie Webster in Coronation Street!


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Coronation Street’s Rosie Webster is sticking around after the soap revealed they’ve extended Helen Flanagan’s current contract.

Rosie initially came back to the show this week after landing a three month stint.

They’ve now announced she’s going to stay on our screens until at least December.

It’s been a whirlwind week for the Websters after Sophie and Rosie returned from America with the police hot on their heels, searching for drugs.

Although they were arrested, they ended up being released without charge due to the suspected drugs being sweetener for Rosie’s tea.

But it turned out she HAD brought drugs back with her, so what will they do with the illegal substance now?

With Rosie sticking around, it looks like a stint in prison isn’t on the cards, and producer Kate Oates has revealed how thrilled she is the character’s not going anywhere.

“We are thrilled to have Helen back and are delighted that she is now going to become a more permanent fixture in Weatherfield,” she said.

“Rosie is a classic Coronation Street comedy character and we are looking forward to seeing more of her antics in the future.”

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Helen added: “I am having so much fun being back here playing Rosie again. The writing is hilarious and I’m delighted to be staying around.”

Despite her joy, the return of Rosie Webster has left fans divided. Taking to Twitter to express their feelings, it seems they’re pretty split down the middle.

“Worst thing ever to bring back Rosie. Why on earth would she expose her stomach in a crop top in the height of winter? Awful actress [sic]” said Kim Beck.

And Christina Ikens added: “Why did they bring back that awful actress?”

Dawn deedee agreed with them both: “one of the worst decisions ever – bringing back Rosie Webster. She is awful and a terrible actress.”

“Any need for Rosie Webster to have returned to Corrie? Her character REALLY infuriates me” said Jasmine.

Dazman also hit out: “Whoever decided to put Rosie Webster back on my TV should be sacked immediately.”

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Not letting the haters phase her though, Helen herself responded to their cruel comments by posting a picture on Instagram.

“No matter how rich, cool, educated, or talented you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all. Integrity is everything.”

A photo posted by Helen Flanagan (@hjgflanagan) on

Plenty of people are thrilled to see her back, though.

Stacey tweeted: “Personally I’m pleased Rosie is back I find her hilarious makes a refreshing change from the ‘Phelan show’ it was getting boring [sic].”

Shaz B agreed: “Ha ha, loving having Rosie back”.

And TV Reality said “More Rosie till at least December and probably a permanent return after that wooooooo”.

Eireann Grace went on: “Rosie Webster has literally always been my favourite character, so glad she’s back”.

“Loving Helen Flanagan’s performance as Rosie Webster,” darren amos said.

Love her or hate her, Rosie’s sticking around.

We can’t wait to see what mischief she gets up to next!

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