Has Coronation Street revealed the new owner of the Rovers Return?

How have they got the cash?

Ever since Steve McDonald and wife Michelle Connor split up and she demanded half the Rovers, it’s looked likely that Coronation Street’s infamous watering hole would change hands.

Peter and Toyah were in the running to buy it, but now it looks like someone else might swoop in and make a bid too. Will they all go in on it together?

Speaking to Inside Soap recently, show boss, Kate Oates, confirmed that the pub would have a new owner soon.

“Yes, there’s going to be a new name above the door of the Rovers,” she said. “The pub is up for sale and there are big changes in store.”

There’s a twist in the tale next week though, when Tracy Barlow tells Peter that she has the money he needs to buy the pub. What? Where’s she got that cash from?

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Peter is absolutely thrilled by the news, and gets ready to take over the boozer with his girlfriend and his sister – what could possibly go wrong with that mix of people?!

Buying a pub hasn’t seemed like the most sensible idea for Peter anyway – he’s a recovering alcoholic, so is being surrounded by all that temptation day in and day out really a good plan?

He’s delightedly forging ahead after Tracy’s bombshell, but then he discovers Toyah has lied to him about her IVF.

After Ken’s attack and Chloe’s accusations that Peter assaulted her, Peter believed he and Toyah were going to hold off on their baby plans.

But Toyah went ahead and had the embryos implanted behind his back anyway and now Peter’s found out the truth.

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Furious with her, she hits back that she doesn’t believe he’s innocent over Ken’s attack and the pair find themselves at loggerheads.

With things so fraught between them, will their Rovers dream come crashing down? Surely they can’t go ahead with the purchase now with their relationship full of lies and mistrust?

And if they don’t end up buying it, who will? Could it be someone else from the street – the Connors are possibly the only ones with the cash to do it.

Or will it be someone completely new? Might we be getting a brand new family taking up residence in the Rovers?