GMB’s Kate Garraway called a ‘drag queen’ following make-up blunder

Twitter users were brutal

Kate Garraway went through what every woman dreads, and on live TV too.

The Good Morning Britain presenter suffered a make-up mishap while she presented a live link from Washington DC ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The 49-year-old looked like she could barely keep her eyes open with a big set of false eyelashes on, and had smeared lipstick all over her faux fur collar.

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Kate kept viewers updated with all the latest information on the ceremony and had to pull an all-nighter due to the time difference.

The blonde TV favourite also interviewed 16-year-old classical singer Jackie Evancho who will be performing the national anthem for the President.

While Kate was probably unaware, it definitely didn’t go unnoticed by viewers at home.

They took to Twitter to share their comments on the presenter’s look.

“Kate G. is struggling with those Drag Queen Eyelashes. #GMB”

Drag queen? Harsh!

Another said: “@kategarraway love you loads Kate but today’s makeup ages you about 20 years. Au natural suits you best…”

Others asked why she didn’t have a make-up artist on hand to help her out.

“What is going on with Kate Garraway’s eye makeup today live from USA on #GMB shouldn’t a makeup artist be on hand with a cotton bud?#messy”

One hilarious user tweeted a comparison photo of a monkey in a coat!

“His and hers”, they said.

Poor Kate!

During the live show, Kate quizzed young Jackie on all of the negative feedback she’s received after agreeing to perform for the new President.

Jackie said: “I’ve had all sorts of reactions, I’ve had negative and positive and most of the time I can’t really think about the negative, all I need is the support from my family and friends.”

She then asked what Jackie’s transgender thought about the performance.

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The teen responded: “My sister and I are best friends and we talk to each other about everything and she supports me because she understands my reason for doing this has nothing to do with politics. It’s all about the honour of performing for my country.”

“I don’t involve myself with politics, it was never a thought in my brain.”

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