Gemma Atkinson reveals surprising post Emmerdale career move

You don't want to mess with Gem!

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Gemma Atkinson has left the Yorkshire Dales after her character, Carly Hope, departed Emmerdale.

But if you think she’s going to head off to Hollywood to try her luck like so many former soap stars before her, think again.

The feisty young lass is planning to embark on a career change that she has dreamt about since childhood.

No, not woo a prince and become a princess.

Total opposite in fact.

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She wants to become a cage fighting champion.

Yes she may look like a lady, but she is also a dab hand at some pretty swift martial arts moves.

So don’t ever cross her, or you’ll be sorry.

She’s already started back at the gym, training in a Thai boxing ring three times a week as part of her Ultimate Performance training programme.

“To master one martial art, in my opinion, is very difficult,” she told the Daily Star .

“Someone who can do floor work and grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well as Thai boxing as well as regular boxing and wrestling, just all in one, for an MMA fight, I think that’s fantastic.

“I started with kickboxing and when you see UFC on TV and you see these guys doing amazing stuff, you realise, oh my gosh, there’s actually so much more you could learn.”

The actress, who once dated Britain’s Got Talent martial arts star Liam Richards, said she would love to learn Mixed Martial Arts but hasn’t been able to take it up because her telly bosses have banned her.

“I don’t think ITV would allow it, being all bruised up. But I think more women should do it,” she said.

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“The thing I admire about men and women that train is that it’s not just a sport but a lot of hard sports.

“It’s great to defend yourself, feel good and not be scared – get on with it.”

But her gym work is paying off. And after seven weeks she’s showing off a lithe and firm body.

On her Instagram you can see Gemma hard at work in the gym.

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