Frankie Grande branded “scum” over claims he showed fake emotions in GMB interview

Was Frankie trying too hard to be moved?

Good Morning Britain bosses must have been pretty proud of themselves this morning by securing an interview with Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie (you may know him for his stint on Celebrity Big Brother).

But viewers were less then impressed when he actually appeared on screen.

During his conversation with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid about what effect the terrorist attack at Ariana’s concert had had on his sister, flamboyant Frankie appeared to break down with emotion.

But viewers were not convinced by his ‘performance’.

Viewers slammed Frankie for not be sincere dining his interview about Ariana and the terrorist attack (credit: ITV)

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In fact some went as far as to say that they thought he was crying fake tears and were appalled that he continually mentioned his upcoming tour.

During the interview, he admirably poured praise on his sister saying that the One Love show she put together was astonishing.

“What she did was so powerful. She took something that was dark and was a beacon of light,” he said.

“She shone it onto the planet. We’re living in the light right now. It’s a beautiful place.”

The one-time Celebrity Big Brother star said that after the attack all his family were affected by what had happened.

Frankie praised his sister for her efforts but irritated viewers by plugging his own show (Credit: FameFlynet)

“I can only speak from the whole family’s state of mind.”

“Our hearts went out to the victims and families who were affected by the tragedy. We were consumed with a feeling we need to do something. And that was exactly what she did.

“She confronted it and moved forward. It was so important and it was important for the families, the victims, the world. Music can heal and we can move forward together.”

Viewers weren’t convinced by Frankie’s tears (credit: ITV)

However when he appeared to cry, viewers noticed there were no tears and that it all seemed a bit of an act.

And when he went on to chat about his tour they were furious.

One viewer wrote:  “If Frankie Grand’s act of sincerity was half as good as his make up we might believe him! Shameless plugging after such a tragedy #GMB”

Another said: “Frankie Grande seems lovely and sweet but I felt a bit uncomfortable watching him promote his tour under the current circumstances #GMB”, while another disgruntled viewer raged: “What a disgrace #gmb having Frankie Grande on promoting his tour off the back of the victims of the Manchester bombings. Completely scumbag”

“So this is the remembrance we need after the Manchester bombing… Frankie!?!? And his forced emotions. #gmb,” fumed a fourth.

“Anyone else think @ArianaGrande brother frankie is really fake on this interview? 🙄 @GMB”

A viewer called Iamjbo said: “So this is the remembrance we need after the Manchester bombing… Frankie???? and his forced emotions.”

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Another called David sniped: “Frankie is so strong and genuine. Riding the coat tails of tragedy whilst trying his best to squeeze out a genuine emotion. Scum.”

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