Former EastEnders star admits he’s warned mum off dark Holby plot

Marc Elliott reveals all on his big Holby storyline

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Former EastEnders star Marc Elliott has revealed why he had to warn his mum off his latest Holby City plot.

The actor plays surgeon Isaac Mayfield, whose relationship with fan favourite Dominic Copeland has already started to take a dark turn.

At Christmas we saw Isaac verbally abuse Dom and rip the memory of Dom’s dearly departed friend Arthur to shreds.

As he continues to play mind games with his boyfriend, Isaac ended up sleeping with paramedic Jez – who crossed over into the episode tonight from sister show Casualty.

In an interview with Inside Soap magazine, Marc has revealed the storyline is set to get much darker from here.

“I’ve known from the beginning that this plot would go down a dark path – but it’s a lot darker than I thought it was going to be.

“It’s not just that Isaac is abusive, there are other traits to his character that emerge as the story progresses, and that’s what I didn’t see coming.”

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Prior to his stint at Holby, Marc was best known for playing Syed Masood in EastEnders.

Playing the gay son of Masood and Zainab, Marc’s time on the soap was dramatic, but the character couldn’t have been more different to Isaac.

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Speaking at the time he joined Holby, which is filmed right next door, Marc said of a possible EastEnders return:

“I’m a very busy surgeon so sadly I don’t think there’ll be enough time!

“I reckon my EastEnders days are done, to be honest. I had an incredible time which I think came to a very satisfying conclusion, so I’m happy to say that it’s in the past now. I don’t see myself going back there.”

Although Marc admitted to Inside Soap he’s loving being at Holby, he also reveals he and David Ames, who plays Dom, have sometimes found filming difficult.

“At times we’ve been so shell-shocked by what we’ve filmed, we’ve gone outside for a cigarette and not talked – it’s been that disturbing.

“I’ve braced my mum and said, ‘Look it goes a bit dark – prepare yourself’!”