Former EastEnders heartthrob admitted to Casualty tonight

Michael Greco plays a policeman

Remember Beppe di Marco, the gravelly-voiced hunk who slept his way through Walford in the late 90s/early noughties?

Yeah, course you do. And we bet plenty of you also had a bit of a thing for his facial furniture and puppy dog brown eyes.

Sadly, actor Michael Greco had loftier ideas than British soaps and – after a stint in musicals – he flew off to LA.

But last year he got the urge to come home. And Hollywood’s loss is our gain, as now the 46-year-old is to grace our serial drama screens again.

Tonight he plays a policeman – hasn’t he aged well? – who’s admitted to BBC One’s Casualty after suffering with chest pains.

His character Phil Paterson gets a call to the hospital to deal with a troublemaker in the ED.

But he’s the one that needs dealing with when he collapses.

Michael, 46, gets to flex his old flirting muscles again as Phil wastes no time turning on the charm for Elle as she is treating him.

Fans of Michael’s old EastEnders character will be pleased to know Phil too is a ladies’ man, and there are some flirty scenes between him and stern medic Elle.

But he’s soon back on duty when Connie reveals that her young friend Hugo is missing – he heads out to find him.


However, he’s discharged himself too soon and collapses again.

Professional gambler Michael announced he was joining Casualty at the start of the year.

He’s also been back in the news of late for his relationship with Hollyoaks actress Steph Waring, although they split last month.

She has championed him for a return to Albert Square, saying: “I think he should go back to EastEnders.

“I watched it when he was in it years and years ago and I loved watching him on it.

“He’s back to work as an actor now and back in the UK.”

Incredibly, Easties bosses are yet to ask him to make a comeback.

Michael revealed: “I’ve never been asked to go back.

“You never say never, never close any doors. Who knows I mean I know so many characters come back to EastEnders.”

Easties… Casualty… we’re not fussy: just give us back that husky voice on a regular basis.