Five-year-old guest melts Jeremy Kyle viewers’ hearts as he takes over show

Jeremy was hosting a special edition of the show today

Five-year-old Alfie melted Jeremy Kyle fans’ hearts today as he appeared on the show with his mum, Hannah, and his Nan, Hayley.

Host Jeremy spoke to Hannah about her son, who has Arnold-Chiari malformation, before introducing the adorable lad onto the stage.

Instead of having the usual controversial and fiery guests on the show Jezza hosted a one-off special entitled ‘My child is my inspiration!’ where he spoke to parents whose children have a disability.

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Mum Hannah first appeared on the stage with Hayley as she spoke to Jeremy, 52, about her son’s condition.

She said: “When he was born his brain was getting strangled by his skull which was getting pushed towards his spinal cord.

“Everything was normal at birth. It wasn’t until a few days after that we started realising something wasn’t right.”

Hannah, who was 18 when she had Alfie, explained that when he was around two-years-old he started to fall ill. She said: “It was just a matter of hours that he went from bubbly Alfie, jumping about, to bed-bound.

“But he’s such a strong little boy.”

Jezza then asked Hannah: “Does he fancy himself as a bit of a Jeremy Kyle?”

To which Hannah replied: “Yes. He’s very bossy.”

The presenter then welcomed Alfie on stage before giving him his own suit jacket, a microphone and a Jeremy Kyle cue card.

Jeremy then got Alfie to read out hilarious phrases like “get off my stage” and “mummy what kind of a woman are you?”

Alfie, who was clearly loving every minute, shouted: “I’m having fun!”

What a little cutie.

The cheeky lad then turned to the audience and shouted another one of Jezza’s catchphrases: “You should be at work!”

He then looked at Jeremy and said: “I really like watching all your episodes. I like the bits when the music comes on.”

Jeremy went on to ask the little boy what his favourite football team is to which Alfie told him it was Barnsley.

And if being on the infamous stage wasn’t enough Jeremy revealed a signed picture for Alfie to keep and an invitation for him to go to a one of the team’s training sessions and meet the players.

He also revealed that the show would be treating Alfie and his family to a trip where all the expenses are paid for.

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Alfie then stood up with Jeremy and repeated after him. He told the audience: “Thanks for being such a nice audience. Now go get a job!”

And when we thought Alfie couldn’t get any cuter he then gifted Jeremy with a teddy bear. He said: “That’s for you. I made it for you.”

Watching from home one viewer tweeted: “This little boy on #jeremykyle this morning is the cutest! Melting my heart aw!”

@itvjeremykyle little #alfie got me right in the feels! He’s a little star!! #barnsleyfc #jeremykyle his mum is doing a wonderful job,” another added.

A third wrote: “Omg little Alfie makes my heart absolutely melt  #JeremyKyle @itvjeremykyle.”

A fourth said: “OMG!!!! Alfie has stolen my heart already!!! What an absolute beaut of a boy!! @itvjeremykyle needs Alfie! #character #Alfie #jeremykyle.”

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