First Dates viewers cringe as diner paired with ex who dumped her

Emma was stunned to see her ex Peter walk in

First Dates started the new series with a very cringe-worthy reunion between exes Emma and Peter.

On Tuesday night, the former couple were partnered up on a blind date and they had a lot of unfinished business – well, Emma certainly did.

The gorgeous redhead was shocked to see him walk through the door and said she “would have walked out again” if he was sitting there first.

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Host and matchmaker Fred Sirieix told the cameras that he was determined for their relationship to work, second time round.

Although, what viewers learned was that Peter had dumped her by text AND blocked her on Instagram after they broke up.

Emma described Peter as previously being the person she “really let her guard down with”. They met in a nightclub on her birthday, and everybody told her he was a great guy.

Peter later admitted that he was hurt by a past relationship, and that led him to dump Emma.

Emma did her best to be nice and sweetly asked whether he was still water-skiing and enjoying his sports.

He replied simply saying: “Yes, but obviously you can’t see it because I blocked you.”

We wonder why he’s single…

However, Emma fired back: “I just think you could have done it in a better way. I don’t do text dumping.”

“Well now I can say sorry,” Pete replied, before Cici the waitress came over to shame Pete’s thoughtlessness.

“I need to just take a breath because I’m literally in shock,” Emma said as she rang her friend from the bathroom.

Twitter users immediately got involved and shared their praise of Emma for holding her own.

“#FirstDates Emma is a hero 👏 👏”, said one proud fan.

A woman tweeted that she was proud of Emma for knowing her worth.

Another shocked viewer said: “He blocked her on @instagram ?! & he dumped her by TEXT?! Oh wow. Emma you deserve so much better! #FirstDates @FirstDates”.

One First Dates fan could barely watch! “Omg this is literally the most awkward thing I have ever watched…”

The First Dates Twitter account then posted a message to their page.

“Emma and Peter haven’t seen each other since their date. Emma has since found a new man…who wears pants. #FirstDates.”

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It turns out that he hasn’t worn pants for 20 years.

Emma, you are most definitely better off without him.

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