First Dates fans emotional as woman removes her wig over dinner

Eve has suffered with alopecia since she was a child

22-year-old Eve Betts, who has alopecia, wowed First Dates viewers last night as she bravely took off her wig and revealed her condition to her date.

The beauty therapist was on a date with Jordan when she unveiled her bald head.

Eve admitted this was the first date she had been on where she had taken off her wig.

Eve Betts has suffered from alopecia since she was a young child (Credit: Channel 4)

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Eve, who started losing her hair at just three-years-old, told Jordan: “I don’t have any hair.

“I’ve got alopecia so my hair just falls out.”

“I wear a wig,” she added before taking her wig off to reveal a tattoo on the side of her head.

She said: “And I’ve got a tattoo on the side of my head.”

Her date Jordan was shocked as she unveiled her bald head (Credit: Channel 4)

Teaching assistant Jordan was left shocked as he said: “Oh wow.

“It suits you.”

He added: “You look beautiful.

“I like you, you’re unique.”


Viewers praised Eve for her bravery (Credit: Channel 4)

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But as Eve started to put her wig back on Jordan told her: “Keep it off.”

Speaking to the camera alone Eve said: “One of the main reasons I wanted to do beauty was I went through school, I was bullied and all that, ‘You don’t have any eyebrows’.

“I don’t ever remember feeling upset about it apart from now.

“It’s really hard.”

Off camera Eve opened up about suffering with the condition as a child (Credit: Channel 4)

“My parents have had to save for me to have really nice hair.

“My dad had to work really hard to draw my first set of eyebrows,” she added.

Viewers were in complete admiration for the First Dates’ star.

One wrote on Twitter: “Eve looks so much better without the wig #FirstDates @FirstDates.”

“Just cried watching first dates, eve is so beautiful and brave, a lot of respect for her #FirstDates,” said another.

A third tweeted: “#FirstDates eve is beautiful… with and without the wig… well done eve for taking that brave step to take it off. #respect.”

Another said: “#FirstDates Eve is such a beautiful and a courageous lady, I respect her so much. All the love to her.”

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