Fears beloved Carter family member died in Queen Vic roof collapse

As the ceiling caved in, EastEnders fans were left panicked one of the Carter clan had been caught underneath

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EastEnders has seen its fair share of tragic deaths over the years, but this could be one of the worst ones yet.

Viewers were left devastated last night as it appeared that one of the beloved Carter clan could have met their maker inside the Queen Vic.

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Things were already sad enough, as the pub was playing host to a reception for Sylvie Carter’s funeral, after Tina and Shirley’s mum had died in a tragic accident.

Landlord Mick (Danny Dyer) is away in Hungary, looking after his injured daughter Nancy, while landlady Linda (Kellie Bright) is in Watford, caring for her poorly mum.

And the pub is in a decrepit state, with a leaking roof filling up buckets all over, and the family seriously struggling to pay anyone to fix the problem.

But the leaks finally became too much to manage last night, with water flooding in through the roof and bringing the ceiling down.

As everyone heard a huge crash during the wake, the family ran upstairs to see what had happened and were confronted by a terrible scene.

And things got worse, when Shirley suddenly realised one of the family was unaccounted for and might be buried under the rubble. Yep, Lady Di! The Carter’s beloved bulldog was nowhere to be seen.

Everyone piled in to hurriedly move the rubble out of the way. But, as the doof-doofs sounded and the credits rolled, viewers were desperately hoping that the dog would make it out alive.

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“NOT LADY DI!!!!” tweeted one fan, while another added “Lady di had better not be dead!!!! #ladydi #eastenders”

And one joker added “#Eastenders writers be like ‘how to break the viewers hearts this week’? OHH I know let’s kill the dog!”

Surely not even EastEnders could come up with a storyline that sad? Fingers crossed that Lady Di is eventually found safe and well.

One thing’s for sure, it’d be a ruff way to go…

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