Fans rush to defend Piers Morgan after outburst on GMB

Co-host Susanna Reid was quick to scold the presenter

It’s not very often viewers are on Piers Morgan’s side, but one of those rare occasions came about on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain!

During the show, Piers and co-host Susanna Reid, alongside newsreader Charlotte Hawkins were discussing how Sutton United’s Wayne Shaw was made to resign after he was spotted tucking into a pie during an FA cup game.

Piers defended the goalie’s actions and said the whole situation was “ridiculous”.

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As Piers ranted, he couldn’t hold back his opinions and interrupted both Susanna and Charlotte saying: “All the fun has to go from life because a bloke ate a pie, is that it?”

He added: “It’s all ridiculous – the bloke ate a pie!

“I cannot believe we are debating this. Am I wrong?”

A fed up Susanna told her outspoken co-star to “turn the volume down”.

But the controversial presenter definitely wasn’t going to let the issue lie.

During a chat with his celebrity pal Vinnie Jones he raged again: “It’s so pathetic.

“In this PC crazed world where no one can have a laugh.”

But in an unusual twist, fans were quick to AGREE with Piers for defending the pie-loving goalie.

Giving him the thumbs-up, they took to Twitter to tell him they were on his side.

One said: “I’m totally with @piersmorgan concerning #piegate HE ATE A PIE [sic]”.

Another said: “@piersmorgan I agree with you an absolute joke, all because of a pie haha.”

A third fan said:”Can’t say I’ve managed to agree with @piersmorgan  much in the past but his reaction to Wayne Shaw’s pie headline was perfect @GMB #piegate [sic]”.

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Throughout the show, the pie theme seemed to continue after entertainment reporter Ross King was pied in the face!

Ross was forced to go off camera to clean up the custard leaving the studio in hysterics at the incident.