Fans outraged at Corrie proposal, but will a loophole save Bethany?

She might have said yes, but she can't actually get married

The worst happened in last night’s Coronation Street: Nathan Curtis proposed to Bethany Platt, and she accepted.

Viewers were horrified, but there might be a glimmer of hope for the teen’s rescue. However it lies in the hands of her mum, Sarah Platt, who so far, hasn’t been exactly putting her foot down about her daughter’s romance.

A confused Bethany doesn’t know how to process what happened (Credit: ITV)

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After Bethany was forced into sleeping with Nathan’s vile mate Neil, she’s been feeling upset and confused – especially because Nathan’s been so cool about it.

He even turned things round and made her feel like she was being childish for worrying about what had happened and when Mel said the same thing, Bethany started to believe what happened was normal for an adult relationship.

Bethany was stunned by the engagement ring (Credit: ITV)

As Mel showed her an engagement ring and revealed Nathan was planning to propose, Bethany couldn’t have felt worse.

So when Nathan returned home, she desperately tried to make it up to him. He wound the knife in even further when he spun her some sob story about an ex-girlfriend of his, Angela, who jilted him at the alter.

Nathan fed Bethany another pack of lies (Credit: ITV)

Bethany fell for every lying word, hook line and sinker, and ended up promising that she’d never leave him.

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Bethany was taken in by it all (Credit: ITV)

He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. We didn’t see Bethany answer, and fans were quick to Tweet what they thought Bethany should say.

But alas, later on, Gary Windass with with Sarah in the kitchen at the Platts’ and noticed Bethany had changed her relationship status on social media.

She now listed herself as engaged, and Sarah was as horrified as we are.

Sarah couldn’t believe what Gary showed her (Credit: ITV)

Tweeting what everyone else was thinking, @ShakyWoon said: “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [sic]”.

However, there might not be any need to buy our hats just yet – there is one thing stopping Nathan and Bethany getting married.

Bethany can’t wed her fella until she’s 18, unless Sarah gives her permission. Could Sarah put a stop to this?

Given that Sarah’s been pretty ineffectual so far, we don’t hold out much hope that she’ll step in and forbid this from going ahead.

But she could be Bethany’s only shot at being rescued. What will it take to make Sarah see she needs to step in, and fast?