Fans go wild for new EastEnders character

Where do we recognise him from?

EastEnders fans went crazy on Friday night for Lauren Branning’s new friend – the photocopier guy!

The handsome newcomer had hearts fluttering as he flirted with Lauren at the photocopier, with some even likening him to Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent. But he’s also a familiar face from elsewhere on the telly…

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Lauren was on a mission to find her dad, Max, and discover why he was being so cagey about his new job. So she headed off to Canary Wharf to surprise him at his office.

While she was waiting for the receptionist to call her dad down, she noticed a young man was having trouble with the photocopier.

Knowing his struggle only too well, Lauren went over to help him, explaining she had the same machine in her office in Shoreditch so she knew how to fix it.

Hang on a minute, since when did Lauren work in Shoreditch?!

Well, apparently she does, she has a part-time job there – and it’s not as a photocopier engineer.

Her new friend didn’t say much, he just stared at her a bit doe-eyed, but when she was leaving, the receptionist called her back and handed her a note. It turned out he’d left his number and signed it ‘photocopier guy’.

So who is this mysterious photocopier guy? Is he working with Max to destroy Walford? Was he sent out there by her dad to lure Lauren in?

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And will a bored Lauren, who’s already fed up with her stale relationship with Steven, seek solace in photocopier guy’s arms?

Viewers certainly seemed to like the new addition to the cast. Sue Simmonds took to Twitter to ask:

“Was it intended the photocopier guy looked like Clark Kent?”

And Emma., also tweeted: “Love the Photocopier Guy in EastEnders! [sic]”

Joey was a big fan, saying: “Who’s that fit guy at the photocopier in #EastEnders? I spy a new regular perhaps…… He reminds me of Clark Kent.”

And Jamie Smirk added: “The photocopier guy was hot. I want his number too!”

Actor Eddie Eyre, who plays the mysterious office worker, is no stranger to our screens. He’s best known for playing Gerold Hightower in Game of Thrones. He’s a long way from Westeros in Walford!

He seemed to be taking the whole thing in his stride though as he took to Twitter himself to thank fans for the compliments.

“Very flattered by all the Clark Kent comparisons… I’ll take that” he joked.

With it looking like Lauren is set to track her mystery man down this week,finding him on social media and then suggesting a night out with Whitney ‘Up West’, conveniently near where he might be hanging out, it seems her relationship with Steven Beale is in trouble.

Will we be seeing more of the photocopier guy in Walford? And is he really as sweet and innocent as he seemed?