Fans fear for Corrie’s Bethany as a third man joins Nathan’s gang

Things are going to get worse for the teen

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Coronation Street viewers have been struggling to watch the uncomfortable Bethany Platt scenes as she is groomed by older boyfriend Nathan Curtis.

Last week, Bethany was forced into sleeping with Nathan’s mate, Neil, despite the fact she said no and tried to tell her boyfriend how uncomfortable she was with the situation.

Bethany’s feeling confused and vulnerable (Credit: ITV)

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As he told her she’d done good, she has spent this week confused and upset over what happened.

Nathan turned the whole situation round on her and told her she was behaving like a child and this is what adult relationships are all about.

But as Bethany struggled to put on a brave face, last night she was introduced to a third man, named Ian, who Nathan thinks should join their parties.

Bethany tried to fit in with Nathan and his mates (Credit: ITV)

“Is he good looking enough for one of our get-togethers?” Nathan asked her while she was perched on his knee.

“I don’t see why not,” a nervous Bethany replied.

Bethany was terrified by the third man’s arrival (Credit: ITV)

It was obvious she was desperately trying to act grown up and impress her boyfriend and his mates, but it was a really chilling scene as we knew exactly what Bethany’s going to be subjected to.

Fans expressed their upset on Twitter, saying how sorry they felt for her and how “vile” the men are.

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Things took another turn in the storyline when it was hinted at that Mel and Nathan are still together.

Feeling jealous of Bethany’s engagement ring, Mel was sulking, but Nathan called her over, sat her on his lap and told her the ring would “be on some other dumb kid’s finger” soon enough.

He then said: “You needn’t be jealous Mel, because everything I ever gave you was real.

“Because what we have is real. Never forget that.”

What? Are Nathan and Mel still together? (Credit: ITV)

As she leaned in and the pair kissed, viewers were left questioning whether they’re actually together, or whether Nathan is in fact playing Mel too.

We think the latter is more likely, but when will she wake up and realise that – and help Bethany before it’s too late?