Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry opens up about tonight’s brutal rape scenes

She won't be letting her kids watch it

Emmerdale viewers need to brace themselves tonight because the soap is set to air its most shocking scenes ever.

Unsuspecting Rhona Goskirk marries her man, Pierce Harris, but then he subjects her to a brutal rape on their wedding night.

It’s not the first time he’s forced himself on her. Fans were horrified earlier this year when she told him she wasn’t in the mood and he went ahead and did it anyway, and then again when she’d admitted Cain Dingle was her fantasy one-night stand.

As Pierce tries to control everything she does, isolating her from her friends, especially Vanessa Woodfield, who is on to his manipulative ways, we’ve all been getting more and more concerned for Rhona’s safety.

Last week saw Pierce’s mother turn up, clearly harbouring a secret that could destroy Pierce, but Rhona still stood by her man.

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Tonight sees their wedding take place, but as Rhona gets herself ready, it soon becomes apparent Pierce is having doubts.

Just as it looks like he won’t go through with it, Rhona arrives looking radiant, and he decides to say ‘I do’.

The happy couple then send their few guests off to the Woolpack to enjoy the celebrations while they go home for a quick break.

But while Rhona thinks Pierce is going to carry her over the threshold and give her a surprise gift, he’s actually about to confront her over her kiss with Paddy after he overheard her talking about it.

As the pair argue, Pierce pushes her to the ground violently and brutally rapes his new wife.

“It was tough to film,” Zoe Henry who plays Rhona admitted to The Mirror. “But we were prepared for it. Johnny [Wrather, Pierce] and I are really close pals so in breaks we concentrated on chatting about other stuff.

“The responsibility weighs heavily on you to get it right. On something as delicate as this, there’s an added pressure.”

Zoe also revealed she was shocked when some fans on Twitter questioned whether Pierce had actually raped her because the characters were in a relationship.

“There really is no grey area – non-consensual sex is rape,” she told the publication.

“In that earlier episode a lot of the audience thought Pierce crossed the line, but interestingly a lot of the audience thought he didn’t cross it because they were in a relationship.

“Where do you even begin to debate that? It is really, really difficult. That’s why this is hugely important.”

Zoe has two children with her co-star, Jeff Hordley (Cain Dingle), 12-year-old daughter Violet, and nine-year-old son Stanley, and she’s very clear that they won’t be watching the episode tonight.

“I’m the mother of a 12-year-old girl and in the next five years she’ll be growing up and moving on. It’s more relevant than ever for me now.

“My kids won’t be watching the episode because I’d find it a bit difficult. But I will probably sit down and talk her through it when I have some time,” she said.

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The horrific attack sees Rhona realise what Pierce is really like, especially as he tells her it was her fault and she was asking for it. He coldly insists she pull herself together and they go and join their guests at the pub.

But can Rhona really do it?

Rumours have recently surfaced that Pierce is set to kill her, let’s hope she gets away before it gets that far.

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