Emmerdale viewers in hysterics at Leyla’s nervous proposal to Pete

Cringe! We know something Leyla doesn't know.

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There’s been lot of drama in the Dales of late so it came as a welcome relief to see a lighthearted moment in Emmerdale last night.

Viewers were tickled by a scene in which Leyla Harding got down on one knee in the local shop and popped the question to her boyfriend, Pete Barton.

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But before she did so, the smitten lass was pulling all manner of faces as she was feeling too nervous to actually do it.

However, after a pep talk from David, she plucked up her courage, turned on her heel and declared her undying love for Pete, who was about to buy some milk.

Then she sunk to her knee and popped the question.

In full view of everyone.

While Pete’s shocked face is a picture – he’s having a fling with Leyla’s best mate, Priya, remember – it was his brother Ross’s reaction that had viewers in hysterics.

One viewer said: “Ross’s face when Leyla proposed to Pete was hilarious.”

A viewer called Phinbart was particularly amused by what was happening in the background and tweeted: “Ross just casually opening a packet of biscuits and eating them while he watches Leyla’s proposal- he forgot his popcorn.”

Another wrote: “Best thing about that proposal was Ross’s facial expressions in the background,” while someone else said:  “hahaha Ross looked more scared than Pete.”

Of course, poor old Leyla is unaware about Pete having it away with her best friend.

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But as we revealed earlier, Leyla is about to get a step closer to finding out the truth about their shenanigans which means we can expect some fireworks.

Grab a seat and enjoy!