Emmerdale SPOILER: Village in shock as Rhona FINALLY reveals truth about Pierce

The poor vet's ordeal is about to get a lot worse

Poor Rhona is barely holding things together following Pierce’s horrific attack.

With just her close friends knowing that her evil husband raped her, the vet is trying to put on a brave face for the rest of the village.

Rhona finally reveals her rape ordeal to the village (Credit: ITV)

But her mask of normality finally slips when she hears Woolpack regulars singing Pierce’s praises.

Listening to her neighbours evidently holding her tormentor in such high regard, she can take no more.

She finally snaps and tells them – in no uncertain terms – what he is really like.

The villagers are appalled to hear Rhona accuse Pierce of raping her…

Zoe Henry, who plays the fragile mum-of-one, reveals: “People are talking about how nice Pierce is and how sorry they are the marriage is over, and Rhona can’t take it any more and she snaps.

“One of her worst fears has been the dam breaking, and this is it. She’s very emotional and feels anger, shame, embarrassment – it’s a real mountain of tears. She doesn’t want to wait for a reaction so she storms out.


“Rhona is paranoid and thinks everybody’s talking about her, but in actual fact they’re not.

Rhona has already been through so much (Credit: ITV)


“Then she bumps into Lisa Dingle who unfortunately has been through something similar. They have a heart-to-heart, and Lisa reassures her and says people care about her and just want wants best.


“Rhona feels an element of relief that it’s out in the open, but she knows the next battle will be the court case, if and when that happens.”

Rhona’s horrified to see someone’s been in the house (Credit: ITV)

However, it looks like there is more immediate trauma for the vet: a stalker in her midst. Or should we say, Pierce stalking her in a dreadful campaign of terror.

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She’s left terrified when, after that exhausting day facing the rest of the village, she goes home to run herself a bath.

Like something out of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Rhona is horrified when she spots an eerie message written in the steam on the mirror.

Someone’s been in Rhona’s house – is it Pierce? (Credit: ITV)

Rhona turns to Paddy, frightened because someone has been in the house – and she is adamant that it’s Pierce.

Furious, Paddy drives to Pierce’s office to confront him.

It doesn’t end Rhona’s ordeal as the next morning she comes down to find the door open and empty packets of pills on the table.

An anxious Rhona runs outside when she can’t find Leo, but Marlon and Paddy clock her with the empty packets in her hands.

Will Marlon and Paddy believe Rhona? (Credit: ITV)

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They assume she’s back on the painkillers, even though Rhona protests her innocence.

But will they believe her? And who IS stalking her?

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