Emmerdale SPOILER: Sexy new affair shocks the village

Who's going to be getting dirty in the Dales?

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Emmerdale producer Iain MacLeod has given fans a tease of what’s coming up over the summer and he’s revealed there’s set to be a ‘sexy’ affair between two characters.

Fresh from their National Television Award win for Best Serial Drama, the show’s boss firstly took to Twitter to thank fans for voting.

And he later spoke to Metro about the new plots he’s got planned to ensure the show keeps winning those awards and getting the recognition it deserves.

“We’ve got a new, sexy affair kicking off in the summer time that will come out of the blue and shock a few people,” he shared.

“It will get people talking in the village and out there in soapland.

“Ultimately I am hoping the storylines this year will carry on the momentum that won us the NTA and I hope that everyone enjoys them.”

We wonder who it could be?!

We’re not the only ones wracking our brains as viewers took to Twitter to speculate on the news.

Jo knew exactly who she wanted to get it on “Aww Rhona has to have an affair with Cain”.

Of course, Zoe Henry (Rhona) and Jeff Hordley (Rhona) are married in real life so this would be a case of art imitating life.

And in recent scenes of the soap, Rhona has confessed that Cain Dingle is her fantasy one-night stand.

Her admission made things a little awkward with on-screen boyfriend Pierce Harris, who proceeded to attack Rhona.

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There were other theories flying around social media too. With Mad Hatter suggesting Victoria Barton might stray from husband Adam.

But there’s one couple no one wants to see separated – Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden.

User Jo got angry at the speculation it might be one of the boys who cheats:

But with Danny Miller recently saying their wedding won’t run smoothly, and scheming Rebecca sniffing round bisexual Robert, could this be what breaks the boys?

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With other names like Laurel, Debbie, David, and Moira being thrown into the mix, we could be guessing all day.

Whoever it is, it’s definitely going to cause a stir in sleepy Yorkshire, that’s for sure.

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