Emmerdale SPOILER: Ross Barton in BLACKMAIL plot

Who's his unlucky victim?

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Emmerdale’s Ross Barton loves a dodgy scheme more than the next person, so when he finds out a juicy secret that someone wants to keep hidden, he spies an opportunity for a spot of blackmail.

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It’s Robert Sugden who’s on the receiving end of Ross’s plot, but what does he have over him?

Rob is feeling pretty content with life right now. Husband Aaron Dingle has been released from prison and Rebecca White has agreed not to say anything about the one-night stand she had with Robert while Aaron was inside.

When he notices Aaron is struggling on his release, Robert takes him for a romantic picnic and it seems like things are finally looking up for the boys.

But when they arrive back in the village, some huge news could change their relationship forever. What have they discovered?

As they deal with the drama, along comes Ross Barton, who starts to put two and two together, learns a shocking secret about Robert, and realises he has a chance to get some money out of Mr Sugden.

What has he found out? Could it be that he knows about Rebecca and Robert’s hook up?

Ross and Rob have never been the best of friends anyway – Ross shot Robert after all, but how far will he push him this time?

Robert doesn’t want to stick around to find out and plots to get away from him as quickly as possible.

With Aaron’s sister Liv Flaherty in Ireland with her invalided mum, Sandra, Aaron’s already feeling guilty about not being there for her, so Robert suggests they head over there to see her.

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But Ross wants his cash, and we all know what lengths he’s capable of going to to get it.

Will Robert’s escape plan really put paid to Ross’s blackmail? Something tells us the Barton bad boy won’t let it go that easily…