Emmerdale SPOILER: Robron take revenge on Ross

Things are about to turn very ugly indeed

If there’s one thing everyone in Emmerdale should know it’s that you never cross Robert Sugden.

But Ross didn’t seem to get the memo, and took him on when he started blackmailing him over his one-night stand with Rebecca White that resulted in her pregnancy.

Robert has subsequently come clean to Aaron and they’ve decided to move forward with their relationship, but Robert’s still not happy with Ross’s attempts to get one over on him, so has decided to get his own back.

Knowing Ross’s livelihood is already under threat as the Bartons struggle financially, Robert decides to stick the knife in by getting hold of Ross’s taxi.

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He then proceeds to get it crushed at Aaron’s scrapyard.

As Robert and Aaron revel in the mischief they’ve caused, Ross can’t believe it, and isn’t about to let it go that easily.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Michael Parr, who plays Ross, revealed: “Ross knows Robert can play dirty, but he wasn’t expecting this!

“He’s fuming that Robert has taken his most valuable possession and is determined to have his revenge.”

Here we go again!

“Ross decides that it’s an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, so he nicks Robert’s car,” Michael added.

“He thinks he can blackmail Robert and Aaron into giving him a replacement taxi. It’s a risky strategy, but Ross likes playing the hard man.”

But things backfire on poor Ross again when Aaron and Robert see the Barton brothers loading sacks full of cannabis into their mum Emma’s car.

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Robert jumps in the car and makes off with the stash, leaving Ross and Finn completely high and dry – especially when the drug dealers come knocking.

It seems this feud has finally gone too far when someone ends up fighting for their life.

Will the boys regret their rivalry when they realise the consequences their actions have had go far wider than just them?

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