Emmerdale SPOILER: Rebecca and Robert find out the sex of their baby

Which flavour are they having?

Emmerdale’s reluctant parents-to-be Rebecca White and Robert Sugden discover whether they’re having a boy or a girl at a scan next week.

Is it a mini-Robert or a mini-Rebecca on the way? And will the news make them more excited about their impending arrival?

It’s been an unconventional road for the pregnancy so far with it not exactly being planned and all.

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The pair only slept together once while Aaron was in prison and Robert was drunk and thought his marriage was over (no excuse) and the result was the unplanned pregnancy.

When Aaron found out Rebecca was expecting, he tried to be calm and grown up about it, and told Robert he would stand by him. He’s also spent a lot of energy trying to persuade Robert to step up and be a dad, despite Robert not showing any interest whatsoever.

But Rebecca and her baby daddy are thrown together when her car breaks down as Aaron and Robert are driving past. Robert insists they keep going and ignore her, but sensible and kind Aaron stops to help.

Being a mechanic, he can see the car is knackered, and when he discovers Rebecca’s on her way to a baby scan, Aaron tells Robert he must drive Rebecca to the hospital while Aaron walks home.

Rob’s not overly happy about the idea, but he goes along with it knowing he can’t leave her stranded when she has an appointment to attend.

As he feels compelled to go into the scan with her, they are told they’re having a boy.

It’s a mini-Robert! A Sugden son! Will the news of a little protege coming his way spur him on to be more involved?

As Robert later asks to see the scan picture, it looks like he’s warming to the idea of becoming a father and is slowly starting to connect with his unborn child.

Back at home, Aaron is struggling with things far more than he’s letting on and has decided to drown his sorrows in drugs.

He calls his old cellmate Ethan to get hold of some spice, but when Ethan turns up with Jason in tow – the man who made Aaron’s prison life a misery and beat him up – things turn pretty nasty pretty quickly as Aaron ends up in a heap on the floor.

Realising spice isn’t the answer as he doesn’t want to end up like Jason or Ethan, Aaron instead takes a knife to his own skin as he begins self-harming again.

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Robert discovers what’s been going on when he comes home with news he’s having a son. Will he be able to help Aaron get through this?

And now he knows about his boy, will he really be able to ignore his existence any longer?