Emmerdale SPOILER: Pierce is charged

But this is just the beginning of Rhona's ordeal

Thank heavens for some good news – Emmerdale’s Pierce Harris is going to be charged with the assault on his wife Rhona Goskirk.

Obviously there’s still a long way to go for Rhona yet, but this is the first step towards seeing him get put away for good.

Rhona faces Pierce (Credit: ITV)

Rhona has been struggling with the wait to discover whether Pierce will get charged for his vicious assault on her on their wedding night.

Although he’d forced her to have sex when she didn’t want to many times before, this was the first time Rhona knew she had to do something to get away from him.

She went to the police station and reported the rape, making sure they got all the physical evidence, but didn’t name her husband until recently when he walked back into her life like nothing had happened.

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It’s been a difficult process for Rhona as the village found out about her ordeal, and Pierce started to break into her home leaving sinister notes and messages that he’d been there.

Fearful for what will happen next, Rhona tells best mate Vanessa Woodfield and ex-husband Paddy Kirk that she’s going to drop the charges against Pierce in the hope it will all just go away.

She’s decided to drop the charges (Credit: ITV)

Wanting to move on and make a clean break, Rhona visits Pierce at work to tell him about her decision and ask him to leave her alone.

But the nasty lawyer is his usual horrid self and his smug attitude is verging on happy and carefree, which angers Rhona no end.

But Pierce’s smugness makes her realise she has to have her day in court (Credit: ITV)

She decides she has no choice but to go through with the battle, and tells him she’s changed her mind, she’s not going to let him get away with this. Go Rhona!

Returning home, Rhona is relieved to discover her case is holding up and Pierce is being charged with her rape.

But she knows this is just the beginning really. Confiding in Vanessa about how she fears what Pierce will bring up in court and how he’ll twist things to his advantage, Rhona worries she’s not strong enough to get through it.

Rhona finds support from Vanessa, but will it be enough? (Credit: ITV)

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Vanessa is adamant Rhona has done the right thing and she can face this, but with Rhona so newly clean from her painkiller addiction, is this going to prove to be too much?

Is Rhona right? Will Pierce use all he can against her at the trial to make sure he gets away with his crime?

Or can Rhona find the strength to fight him and see justice done?