Emmerdale SPOILER: Lachlan White’s violent film obsession leads to rampage?

Is Belle in danger from her new beau?

Belle Dingle is growing closer to Lachlan White in Emmerdale, but is their bond really a good idea? We’re not so sure…

As Belle seeks cousin Debbie’s advice on her love life (hardly an ideal example of lasting happiness, our Deb!) Debbie advises the teen to go for it with her crush.

Debbie gives Belle advice on her love life (Credit: ITV)

Putting her concerns about Lachlan to one side, Belle decides to hang out with him a bit more and see where it goes.

Really, she should keep those fears at the forefront of her mind, after all, this is the boy who has already committed sexual assault against Alicia Metcalfe, and spent time inside for shooting his grandfather Lawrence White.

But, they say love is blind. In this case, it must be really, really blind.

And now rumours are circulating that Lachlan’s set to turn into a crazed serial killer, is Belle in danger?

We’ve noticed that since his release from prison, he’s had more than a small chip on his shoulder, and he’s also become quite obsessed with playing violent video games.

When he and Belle agree to snuggle up and watch a film together this week, it’s a particularly bloodthirsty horror movie that he picks.

Belle and Lachlan grow closer as they watch a movie (Credit: ITV)

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With a cushion for comfort, Belle doesn’t seem to mind the terrifying flick, but Lachlan’s mum, Chrissie, isn’t so sure the film, or the partnership, is a good idea, and keeps an eye on them both as they spend time together.

Speaking to, Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle revealed:

“It’s dangerous territory, but I think she finds it exciting, kind of an adrenaline rush. He’s always been a weirdo, but I think Belle thinks they’re kind of the same because they’ve both done something wrong.

“I think she’s just very positive and hopeful about it. I’d say be nervous for Belle, but I hope she’ll be okay!”

So do we, but with reports that he’s set to become one of Emmerdale’s most evil ever characters as he turns SERIAL KILLER, we’re more than a little nervous.

Lachlan is unhinged (Credit: ITV

Is it his obsession with violent films and games what’s going to inspire him to kill?

He’s already attempted to get rid of his grandfather, Lawrence – and now it looks like he’s going to finish the job.

But, not content with wiping him off this mortal coil, he’s apparently going to do away with Emma Barton, too.

(It’s fair to say not too many viewers will shed a tear for her, though – just the comeuppance the murderess deserves…)

Emma Barton is reportedly another of Lachlan’s victims (Credit: ITV)

His killing spree will not end with just two victims. To ‘earn’ the title of serial killer, he needs to have killed three people, fact fans.

So who else could succumb to his deadly clutches?

According to a TV insider who spoke to the Sunday People, this frenzied campaign will take place in the run-up to Christmas.

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“There’s going to be a lot of change afoot,” they said. “It will be a proper Emmerdale bloodbath.”

A BLOODBATH, no less! How exciting – not least because it appears Lachy will wipe out the characters we don’t like. But he’d better not harm a hair on Belle’s head, that’s all we’re saying…