Emmerdale SPOILER: Lachlan kidnaps his uncle

He's determined to keep Tim's identity a secret from Chrissie

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In case you were worrying that Emmerdale wasn’t moving quickly enough with the whole psycho-Lachlan White thing, next week we get a timely reminder of how unhinged the teen can be.

Lachlan and Gerry take matters into their own hands (Credit: ITV)

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He’s determined to keep the truth about Lawrence’s shady past with Chrissie’s real dad from her, and decides to kidnap Tim.

After Lawrence failed to put Tim off telling Chrissie exactly what happened to her late dad, Lachlan decides to take matters into his own hands and – along with his former cell-mate, Gerry – bundles Tim into the boot of a car.

Unsuspecting Chrissie doesn’t realise that Tim is actually her uncle – her real dad’s brother – and just thinks he’s a friendly, li’l bit-sexy-in-a-silver-fox-kinda-way, client.

He’s on his way to reveal his true identity when he’s intercepted by Lachlan and Gerry. Uh-oh.

Tim tries to explain himself to Lachlan, but he’s not listening and goes to extreme lengths to keep Tim quiet.

Later, when he returns to Home Farm, he tells Lawrence that he no longer has to worry about Tim.

Lachlan looks even more unhinged when Tim’s phone begins to ring in his pocket.

Has the teen’s rumoured killing spree begun? No, sorry, no quite yet.

The next day, the lads take Tim, gagged and tied up to a nearby building. Disaster strikes when they remove the gag and Tim begins yelling at the top of his voice for help.

Chrissie and Lawrence both hear his cries and rush to the building where the truth looks set to finally come out.

Chrissie demands to know who he is and what the ruddy heck is going on. Fair enough, tbh.

Lads, you realise you’ve just made everything worse, yeah? (Credit: ITV)

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How will Chrissie react when she realises that her older-man crush, Simon, is actually her Uncle Tim? Ick.

And what will she do when the truth about Lawrence’s dodgy past comes out? How will the family cope with the shocking bombshell that’s about to drop?

We’re gonna go with, probably not that well.

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