Emmerdale SPOILER: Jai’s mystery woman looks A LOT like Holly

Is that why he's drawn to the newcomer?

Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma is determined to make amends for everything he’s done, and atone for his guilt over Holly Barton’s death.

But when he finds himself helping a mystery newcomer who looks just like his late girlfriend, is this really the best way to do it?

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He’s decided to help the community by setting up a regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings at the village hall after the one he attended in Hotten got cancelled.

When a young woman called Nell arrives and starts sharing her story, Jai finds himself immediately drawn to her.

Her story reminds him very much of Holly, who died from a heroin overdose.

Jai blames himself for her death, even though it wasn’t his fault she started using drugs again. Speaking to Inside Soap, Chris Bisson, who plays the recovering addict, revealed:

“He feels he should have done more for [Holly]. He left [her] in a vulnerable place before she died and that still tortures him every day, so he’s yet to deal properly with his grief.”

It’s that grief that he channels when he connects with Nell, but her story leaves him so overwhelmed with sadness and bad memories, he’s forced to take a breather outside.

But he’s lent Nell his coat because she was cold, and when he goes in to get it back, he finds she’s gone – and so has his wallet.

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Managing to track her down, he confronts her and she apologises and gives him his wallet back.

He doesn’t report her to the police and she’s confused as to why he’s being so nice to her, so Jai sits her down and explains she reminds him of someone he wishes he’d helped more.

Even though Jai leaves with no plan to see her again unless she comes to the next NA meeting, it’s obvious this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Nell.

As she tells him she’s staying on a friend’s sofa, Jai’s mind starts whirring. Will he step in and provide accommodation for his new friend?

And is getting closer to someone that reminds him so much of the girlfriend he’s still grieving for really the best way to move forward?

Can Nell even be trusted? Or is Jai about to get in even more trouble because of her?