Emmerdale SPOILER: Jai and Nell kiss – but did she KILL Holly?

Something doesn't quite add up

Emmerdale’s Jai Sharma is set to take things further with newcomer Nell when they share a kiss.

But with speculation mounting over just who she is, could Jai be about to get hurt when he finds out the terrible truth?

Jai first met Nell at an NA meeting and her similarities to his late girlfriend Holly were uncanny. In fact, he found her story so like Holly’s that he couldn’t handle it and ended up running out of the meeting.

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Nell then made off with his jacket and wallet, but Jai tracked her down and it’s clear there’s going to be more to come in their story.

Show producer Iain MacLeod had now revealed that Jai and Nell will KISS.

It happens when Jai comes to her rescue again and she leans in to thank him with a smooch. Although Jai pushes her away, it’s clear she’s having a major affect on him. Will he end up going back to her and starting something?

Speaking to, Iain revealed: “I can’t say too much but the scenes we see (with the kiss) is just the start.

“Nell is a promise of redemption and a chance to do again what he didn’t do right by Holly and the question becomes does he fall for her because he is falling for her or is it because he is trying to turn her into Holly or she is becoming Holly in his imagination?”

That all sounds a bit complicated!

“It’s just a story about him trying to find redemption with somebody who reminds him of a lost love. Some of the stuff is really poignant – it felt like unfinished business for Jai when Holly died as I don’t think anyone really knew he was even with her at the time. It felt right to revisit that and give him a second shot of happiness I suppose.”

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Fans have already speculated over the fact the new girl is conning Jai. They believe she read Holly’s story in the local paper after Moira and Jai gave an interview about it, and she’s after something.

But now talk has turned to something far more sinister – namely that Nell was responsible for Holly’s death in some way. Did she kill Holly by supplying her the fatal dose of drugs? Or worse, did she force her to take them?

Viewers have expressed their concern on Twitter, believing there are still many “unanswered questions surrounding Holly’s death”, and that Nell has a “guilty face”.

So did she kill Holly? Is Jai in for a big shock when he discovers the truth?

There’s definitely something she’s not telling him. Why has she targeted Jai? Does she feel guilty for what she did? Or is she there to make him suffer some more?