Emmerdale SPOILER: Is THIS the start of Lachlan’s murderous rampage?

Gerry makes a very big mistake in underestimating quite what his former cellmate is capable of

Uh-oh. Lachlan White’s former cellmate, Gerry, kicks a hornets’ nest next week in Emmerdale when he makes a move on Belle Dingle.

Gerry unleashes the beast when he tries it on with Belle (credit: ITV)

Since Gerry arrived in the Dales a few weeks ago, he’s made himself right at home at Home Farm, but it looks as if he’s about to push his luck a bit too far.

Next week is Lachlan’s birthday and the teen finally feels ready to lose his virginity to Belle. Gerry knows that his friend has had worries about this because Belle isn’t a virgin.

Gerry was even prepared to hire a prostitute for Lachlan to, erm, practice with before he did the deed with Belle.

So, it’s pretty fair to say that Gerry knows how awks Lachlan feels about the whole sex thing with Belle.

Happy birthday to poo – Gerry hands Lachy a drink laced with laxative (credit: ITV)

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But, instead of being the supportive best mate, Gerry takes the opportunity to spike Lachlan’s drink with a LAXATIVE – and then makes a move on Belle himself. Oh sh*t.

And the brown stuff really does hits the fan, Lachlan is left running to the loo every five minutes. He’s then incensed to find Gerry trying to kiss Belle.

The lads square up to each other and Lachlan soon shows Gerry a side to him that he hasn’t seen before.

Has Gerry massively underestimated what Lachlan is capable of? And is this incident enough to press Lachlan’s self-destruct button?

It’s gonna be a bit of a crappy birthday for Lachlan then (credit: ITV)

There have been rumours flying around for months that Lachlan is about to become Emmerdale’s next serial killer.

Reports have suggested he’s going to take out Emma Barton and finish the job on his granddad, Lawrence.

Could Gerry be the first of Lachlan’s victims?

It’s common knowledge that in soaps, you have to have killed at least three before you’re classed as a serial killer.

Thomas Atkinson, who plays troubled Lachlan, said: “Lachlan is nervous about spending the night with Belle. They’ve not been going out very long, so they’re still at an early stage of their relationship. Lachlan is trying to impress Belle and it’s a big night for him.

“It’s his first time so he’s nervous, as any other boy or girl his age would be. He’s aware of his past mistakes with Alicia too, which adds an extra bit of pressure to the situation. Not many other people his age would have that.

Will Lachlan ever forgive Gerry? (credit: ITV)

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“But I think Lachlan genuinely loves Belle. Neither of them has many friends in the village, so they’re all each other has. I think Belle makes him feel normal, as the Whites aren’t the most normal family in the village!”

But WHAT is a normal family in Emmerdale?