Emmerdale SPOILER: Emmerdale exit for evil Pierce?

Probably not the honeymoon Rhona had in mind...

Pierce Harris is probably the most unpopular person in Emmerdale at the moment thanks to his slightly sociopathic behaviour towards soon-to-be-wifey, Rhona.

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We’ve all seen the horrific way he has already forced himself on her, plus the sly way in which he got her to participate in a sex tape.

His manipulative behaviour has made Rhona question herself about his past attacks, but what happens on her wedding night leaves her with no illusions.

But we’ve seen even more horrible behaviour from Pierce this week, as he gate-crashed Rhona’s hen-do and tried to convince her BFF, Vanessa, to take a job in Scotland.

Tonight (Thursday April 20) saw Pierce’s mum arrive in the village after being tracked down by Vanessa.

She didn’t have anything particularly positive to say about her son, even suggesting that Rhona take a look at his past.

We’ve also seen that Pierce has bought him and Rhona a house in the Lake District. Now, that sounds romantic, but would anyone want to be somewhere that isolated with Pierce?

Next week sees the couple tie the knot and while Rhona is all smiles on the wedding day, things take a sinister turn on the wedding night.

While the rest of the villagers celebrate the new union, Pierce violently attacks Rhona, who is left flinching at the sound of his footsteps.

The newlywed bride is suddenly desperate to escape her husband, but will she succeed? And if she does, where will she go?

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Fans are already speculating that we could be seeing the end of Piers. Obviously, the Soap Gods don’t let you get away with sexual assault.

So could Rhona make it to the police and tell them what’s really been going on?

Or will that quiet Lake District bolthole become useful to Rhona, or possibly Vanessa, if they want to get rid of evil Pierce once and for all?


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