Emmerdale SPOILER: Emma sets a trap for Arthur

She's determined to silence him, whatever it takes

Emmerdale’s Emma Barton stoops to a new low next week to make sure Arthur Thomas stays silent about what he saw on the video.

As Arthur’s mum, Laurel, plays right into her hands, Emma sets about making sure Arthur doesn’t tell a soul what he knows…

Emma needs to keep Arthur quiet (Credit: ITV)

Fans will know Arthur’s dad, Ashley, was the only person who saw Emma on the bridge the day James Barton died. We all know Emma pushed James, but so far she’s managed to keep a lid on that.

While Ashley was battling dementia, Emma visited him and used his condition to manipulate the situation so his memories of that day became confused. But she had no idea the whole thing was recorded on Ashley’s video camera.

Arthur sees the video this week and confronts Emma telling her she “makes people cry” and when Emma realises the evidence he has, she is forced to act fast.

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Arthur didn’t know what to do when he saw Emma on tape (Credit: ITV)

With Arthur so far too scared to say anything to anyone about what he’s seen, Emma takes control by manipulating the situation to her advantage.

She offers to walk Arthur to the bus stop. He’s not keen at all, but oblivious Laurel agrees, and Emma takes the opportunity to try to convince the lad she wasn’t being mean to his dad.

No stranger to twisting situations to her advantage, Emma explains her actions and Arthur starts to question what he’s seen. But it’s clear he’s still scared of her, and Emma knows fobbing him off isn’t enough.

Realising she has to destroy the footage if she’s to sleep easy, Emma concocts a plan to break into the Thomas house and destroy the evidence.

Emma’s attempts to delete the footage don’t go to plan (Credit: ITV)

However, she’s foiled when she’s caught in the act by Laurel who demands to know exactly what she’s doing.

As Laurel wonders over what to do about Emma’s odd behaviour, Emma herself heads back to talk to her old friend, God. Miraculously he seems to be listening because it’s not long before the devious nurse has come up with another plan.

The nasty nurse sets a trap for young Arthur (Credit: ITV)

Soon she’s getting ready to set a trap for Arthur, and we don’t reckon it’s going to be something the vulnerable nine-year-old’s gonna like.

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Laurel wants Emma’s help with Arthur’s bed wetting (Credit: ITV)

Laurel can see something’s worrying her son though and when he starts wetting the bed, she turns to none other than Emma for advice.

Knowing she can turn this situation to her advantage, just how far is Emma prepared to go to keep Arthur quiet?